Nicole Robins credits her family and upbringing in the small town of Wilton, North Dakota, for instilling in her a love of hunting and wildlife. As a high schooler, she helped support her local chapter of Delta Waterfowl, then further pursued her interest in conservation by studying zoology, fisheries and wildlife at North Dakota State University.

After graduating in 2014, she was working as a bat and avian fatality research technician when she saw an opening for a fulfillment specialist at Delta Waterfowl.

“I jumped at the opportunity,” she said.

Given Robin’s determination and ability to remain upbeat while overcoming challenges, she was promoted to event coordinator in 2017.

“With my background in hunting and science, I’m motivated by the fact that when I help local chapters hold successful events, it supports Delta’s waterfowl research,” Robins said. “I feel the coolest thing about research is it’s always evolving, which leads you to continuously try new ideas and techniques. It makes my heart happy.”

Robins enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching North Dakota State football, and hunting ducks, pheasants, doves and white-tailed deer. She’s particularly fond of hunting the river bottoms of central North Dakota.

“I love that I can see all different kinds of wildlife,” she said. “On any given day, I can see mule deer and whitetails, ducks, geese, turkeys, bald eagles, coyotes, foxes and badgers.”