John is a self taught duck hunter, hunting the Dakotas and Canada extensively since he was in his teens. Over the decades he has witnessed the destruction of vast amounts of wildlife habitat. This is the destruction of breeding habitat,  without which no species can exist. John is determined to protect and enhance what good habitat remains and his support for Delta is part of that effort.

John retired in 2015 after a 47 year career in the institutional money management business in Minneapolis. He was a founding partner in Peregrine Capital Management where he founded and managed the Growth Equity portfolio management effort since 1983.

John and his wife Cheryl are also passionate fly fishers and spend a considerable amount of time at their ranch in Montana. Fall finds him at their place in South Dakota which is in the heart of the Prairie Couteau region,  a geographic wonderland of rich waterfowl habitat. John loves ducks, loves just watching them fly and hoping what remains of their habitat can be protected and enhanced so others can experience the same thing. Diving ducks, particularly canvasbacks and bluebills, hold a special place in his waterfowl activities. His idea of a perfect day is sitting with his lab, Skipper, watching flocks of ducks buzzing his decoys.