Jason Douglas of Aubrey, Texas, owes his zeal for waterfowling to a devoted mentor.

“I grew up with a single mom for most of my childhood,” he said. “As a young boy, my uncle in Arkansas would take me hunting about once per year and send me hunting magazines and books that I would study. Then when I was 12, my mom married my step-dad — though I don’t say the ‘step’ part — and he took me waterfowl hunting several times a year, which allowed me to experience what I’d read. Once I was old enough to drive, my hobby turned into my obsession.”

Douglas’ father is also responsible for introducing him to Delta Waterfowl. In the fall of 2009, he accepted an invitation from him to attend the Lone Star Chapter of Delta Waterfowl’s event banquet.

“I filled out the white card to join the committee and the rest is history,” Douglas said. “I’d never heard of Delta Waterfowl until that evening.”

In 2013, he left his position in project management at a Fortune 500 company to join Delta as a regional events director. Given his path to duck hunting, Douglas was especially drawn to Delta’s First Hunt and other youth programs.

“I now look for ‘little Jason Douglas’ — youths that share a similar upbringing as me — and help provide them with hunting opportunities,” he said. “I am so proud to work for Delta, because of what we give back to our local chapters, kids, veterans and local communities.”

In addition to hunting waterfowl with his black Lab, Ruger, Douglas enjoys fishing, sailing, motorcycling and off-road racing.