Eaton, 75, has been a director at-large member of the Delta board since May 2018. He is an investor and entrepreneur from Caledon, Ontario.

His long and varied business career has included everything from professional race car driver to president and CEO of Eatons of Canada, the T. Eaton Company (a full-line department store with 35,000 employees), Eaton Acceptance and Eaton Realty among others. He currently manages family investments as vice-chairman of Weatons Holdings Limited.

In addition to his involvement with Delta Waterfowl, Eaton also currently serves on the boards of Metaris Inc., Weatons Holdings Limited and the John David and Signy Eaton Foundation, which delivers philanthropic grants to hospitals, arts, athletic, educational and conservation causes. These causes mirror his personal charitable interests including volunteer work for medical, political, educational and conservation organizations.

He enjoys hunting, fishing, collecting wildlife art and reading. Eaton has been married happily for more than 40 years and has three sons.