Born and raised in Middle Tennessee, just south of Nashville, Garrett Trentham moved to North Carolina in high school and attended North Carolina State University. While enrolled, he began volunteering for the Triangle Chapter of Delta Waterfowl and oversaw its climb to the Atlantic Flyway’s top chapter and No. 3 nationwide in fundraising. During that time, he also spent a summer as a Delta Waterfowl research technician in North Dakota and Saskatchewan, studying Predator Management under Mike Buxton, waterfowl programs manager for Delta Waterfowl.

Trentham’s talent, work ethic and knowledge of Delta Waterfowl make him an outstanding fit in his regional director role.

“Starting from the ground and working my way up at Delta has allowed me to have a foundational understanding of what drives us as The Duck Hunters Organization,” Trentham said. “That makes it much easier for me to communicate our vision and goals to average duck hunters. I’ve seen so much of the work we do first hand, from Predator Management and Hen Houses as a research tech, to fighting Sunday hunting bans in the Atlantic Flyway and helping to coordinate First Hunt events as a volunteer.”

A passionate duck and snow goose hunter, Trentham relishes the opportunity to help Delta secure the future of waterfowl hunting.

“From day one, my motivation for getting involved with Delta was to ensure that 100 years from now, we still have duck hunters introducing our sport to the next generation,” he said. “Our chapters make that a priority 365 days per year. Working alongside them to attain their goals is extremely rewarding.