A native of Colorado, Christy Sweigart was raised in a hunting-oriented family in the foothills of the Black Forest. Her innate passion for the outdoors encouraged an introduction to waterfowl hunting, and eventually shaped her career as staff writer for The Duck Hunters Organization.

Sweigart graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins with a degree in natural resource tourism and a minor in business administration. It is through her undergraduate course work that she secured the position as Delta’s first communications intern in the summer of 2021. The internship experience included a trip to North Dakota, where she encountered the prairie pothole region in its unique summer splendor.

“There were more ducks than I could count. You name it, we saw it,” Sweigart explained. “I was able to witness and get hands-on with some of the research going on in North Dakota as part of a writing assignment, and I have been hooked on the organization and the cause ever since.”

As staff writer, she assists with the creation of a wide variety of communications materials for multiple departments within the organization.

“It becomes easy to get down to work when you are surrounded by people who are passionate about a valuable cause,” Sweigart said. “I am grateful that every day I get to research and write about the topics that fuel my passion for waterfowl, conservation, and the outdoors, and communicate with the wide range of Delta members that make the organization’s mission a success.”

When the season kicks off, you can find her in a panel blind alongside the river—steamy breakfast burrito in hand and eyes primed for a passing greenhead. During the off-season, she spends her time soaking up the outdoors either boating, hiking, traveling, or spending time with friends and family, as well as her dog (Nikita) and two horses (Fancy and Reba).