From hunting over his family’s rice fields near Sacramento, California, to advocating for hunters’ rights in the Pacific Flyway, Christopher Hoon has a deep-seated and well-rounded perspective for securing the future of ducks and duck hunters.

“Working for Delta is a dream job because I get to help ducks and duck hunters everyday while working with a team of like-minded individuals,” said Hoon.

Hoon attended the University of Oregon, earning a bachelor’s degree in political science with minors in economics and anthropology while playing rugby for the university. His background in public affairs and political sciences, along with his family’s background in agriculture, give him a unique outlook on the multitude of issues facing the Pacific Flyway and duck hunters today. 

“The issue of hunting is something that is under considerable attack in the United States, especially in my home state of California,” said Hoon, who is proud to be on the front lines for advocating and supporting policy that helps other hunters and the waterfowl he loves. 

This position allows Hoon to bring together all of his passions regarding politics and hunting into one package, giving him the opportunity he was most excited about when joining the team—contributing to an organization that supports ducks and duck hunting. Throughout his life he has stuck to his roots of waterfowl. 

“My favorite place to hunt is over rice, in a barrel blind,” said Hoon, “My favorite waterfowl would have to be teal, I think they’re a lot of fun to hunt and taste great, too.”  

During the off season he also enjoys fishing for trout in the Sierra Nevada or working on classic cars and boats; his pride and joy is his 1977 F-350. He also has a personal side kick, a yellow Lab named Ricky.