Cooper joined the Delta Waterfowl Board of Directors in March 2019.

As president of Cooper/T. Smith, a leader in the maritime industry, Cooper is the fourth generation in his family to run the company, with his brother, Scott.

Cooper started duck hunting at age 8 with his father in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He hunted almost every weekend, which inspired him to get involved in conservation. At age 14, he put up six wood duck boxes at his family’s farm in Alabama. The population grew from 23 wood ducks to more than 400, and Cooper learned that people who care can make a difference. Cooper raises more ducks every year than he kills, and he has passed his love for duck hunting on to his sons and friends.

Cooper has served on the Alabama Wildlife Federation board for 20 years, including two years as president. He has also served as chairman of the board for UMS-Wright Preparatory School, a top private school in Mobile, Alabama. He is past chairman of the Alabama State Port Authority, the 10th-largest port in the United States. He serves on the Board of Alabama Power, Bryant Bank and other Mobile civil and mystical organizations.