Alan Cattrysse’s passion for the outdoors started early. His father began taking him duck hunting when he was just four years old. By the time he was 14, he was guiding waterfowl hunters on Lake St. Clair near where he grew up in Chatham, Ontario. He attended Michigan State University playing varsity baseball for all four years. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, he returned home to become a full-time waterfowl guide.

The traits of hard work, self-drive, competitiveness and team play are among those for which Cattrysee is known. He said, “I’m always looking to learn and be better and seek creative ways to be successful.”

He’s excited about the prospect of working as Delta’s HunteR3 coordinator in Canada because he recognizes it as an opportunity to contribute to the world of waterfowl hunting that has already given him so much. Cattrysee said, “I am very passionate about working for a company that goes about their business the right way, helping others and making a change for the future. Waking up every day, knowing you are making a difference, makes it extremely easy to go to work. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, passion and experiences with hunters across Canada to help recruit new hunters, which is going to make a difference in the future for waterfowl and wildlife conservation.”

As you might expect, when he’s not working, chances are you’ll find him hunting or fishing somewhere. Among his favorites are mallards, geese and white-tailed deer. He enjoys ice fishing for perch and open water fishing for crappies and walleyes. He competes in bass tournaments on Lake St. Clair. In the springtime, he chases turkeys, too. He enjoys making memories from all these pursuits with family and friends, and especially celebrating them with big fish fries and wild game dinners.

Forced to pick one kind of waterfowl hunting as a favorite, Cattrysee said it would be public land mallard hunting on the big waters of Lake St. Clair. He says that hard-hunted, late-season mallards bring out the best in him as a hunter as well has his two black Labradors Gauge and Teal.