Hatched Versus Depredated Duck Eggs

Duckology with Dr. Frank: Hatched Versus Depredated Duck Eggs In this video Dr. Frank explains how to determine hatched versus depredated duck eggs. [...]

Top Duck-Craving Predators

Top Duck-Craving Predators When it comes to food-chain hierarchy, ducks are the rabbits of the avian world — essentially every critter with forward-facing eyes wants [...]

Whose Nest Is It?

Whose Nest Is It? Tips from Delta’s president and chief science officer Frank Rohwer on identifying the nests of mallards, pintails, blue-winged teal, gadwall and shovelers. [...]

Helping Eiders

Helping Eiders Researchers are deploying structures to raise nest success in Nova Scotia By Paul Wait Common eiders nesting on offshore islands of Nova Scotia are [...]

To Catch a Coon

To Catch a Coon Delta Waterfowl studies raccoon movements to make trapping more efficient By Paul Wait Delta Waterfowl’s Predator Management trappers caught dozens of [...]

Taking Flight with Ringnecks

Taking Flight with Ringnecks In this unique footage, veterinarians explain the process of surgically implanting satellite transmitters in hen ringnecks for Delta’s innovative ring-necked duck tracking [...]

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