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Rules & Prizes

Submissions open: May 7, 2021
Public voting open: June 25, 2021
Contest closed: June 30, 2021


firedisc contest prize delta waterfowl

Calling all waterfowl hunters, chefs, and campfire cooks. Enter the Delta Waterfowl Cooking Contest for a chance to win a Firedisc Bundle Prize Package! Upload your waterfowl dish image, recipe text, and suggested prep time in the description box for your chance to win a great prize package from FireDisc.

You do not need to be a Delta Waterfowl member to enter. Although, being a member supports Delta's duck production, habitat conservation, research, education, HunteR3 programs, and contests like this. Now would be a great time to join. Become a Delta member today!




firedisk award bundle

    • Original 24″ inch Short FIREDISC Cooker – Jet Black
    • The Universal FIREDISC Cover in Fireman Red
    • The Ultimate Cooking Weapon Spatula




There are two chances to win!
People's Choice -
Public voting open: May 21, 2021
Editor's Award



  1. Cooking entries must include a waterfowl ingredient.
  2. Participants will be required to upload at least 1 photo.
    1) a pic of the completed dish
    2) the full recipe text in the image description
  3. Participants are allowed to make 1 recipe entry per contest.
  4. Competition is open to anyone over 18 years of age.
  5. Please include the suggested preparation time in your submissions.
  6. Hygiene & fresh food is very important. Follow all safety guidelines and rules. Delta Waterfowl is not responsible for injury, damages, or loss.
  7. Winners will be featured in Delta Waterfowl media and on the Delta Waterfowl Winners Circle section.
  8. By entering the contest, you agree to grant Delta Waterfowl non-exclusive rights to publish, feature, reproduce and use the image(s)/recipe(s) submitted.
  9. The decision by public vote and editor's award as to the winner is final.



Technical skill - Chef displays knowledge of the subject, ingredients, and flavors.

Creativity - Preparation, artistic style, presentation.

Flavors - Knowledge of local ingredients/flavors in the dish.

Wellness points - Healthfulness of the dish.