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  1. Dave Loch October 19, 2018 at 5:13 am - Reply

    Just returned from a trip to SW Manitoba on Oct. 17. Good numbers of birds, but very concentrated because of the cold weather, which has a lot of the potholes and sloughs frozen early. The ducks and geese are keying on the unharvested wheat fields for feed, since the early heavy snows have left farmers unable to harvest them. The birds are doing a lot of damage, so the farmers are happy to let the hunters in to try and save the crops. The weather was supposed to moderate for a few days, which may open some of the water back up, but then it is supposed to fall back below average again. We had some new ducks in every day, and I would imagine that will continue with any north winds. With the amount of feed available, the birds aren’t going anywhere until another hard freeze takes their water supply away.

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