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2018 Year End Donation

When you donate $25 or more you will receive a free 2019 Delta Waterfowl Calendar and a vintage Delta logo camo hat!

Here’s just a fraction of what The Duck Hunters Organization™ accomplished for you this year:

  • Expanded Predator Management to a total of 26 sites across North Dakota and the Canadian prairies.
  • Installed hundreds of new Hen Houses, adding to Delta’s fleet of more than 8,000 mallard-producing nest structures in key areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, North Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota.
  • Continued the Working Wetlands pilot project in North Dakota, which protects more than 9,500 of the state’s best duck-producing wetlands through voluntary, incentive-based payments to farmers.
  • Served as the voice of duck hunters everywhere through Hunter Advocacy efforts, fighting against reduced mallard limits in the Atlantic Flyway, protecting hunting access to key areas in Kansas and Maryland, continuing to work with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service leadership to expand hunting access on national wildlife refuges, and much more.
  • Conducted innovative research on pintail production, survival and harvest rates of diving ducks; raccoon movements and habitat use to enhance trapping efforts; nesting structures to boost eider production; predator-reduction effects on over-water nesting ducks; using geolocators to track Canada geese; tracking ring-necked ducks using GPS transmitters; the use of drones to study waterfowl, and more.
  • Introduced thousands of new waterfowlers to the sport through First Hunt events and Youth Hunting & Conservation Courses.
  • Honored and encouraged waterfowl hunter recruitment through the Mentor Recognition Program.

2018 Year End Donation Canada

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If you would like to discuss your gift further, please call 701-222-8857, ext. 223.

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