2017 Year End Donation

Here’s just a fraction of what The Duck Hunters Organization™ accomplished for you this year:

  • Expanded Predator Management to a total of 19 sites, including 14 in North Dakota, three in Manitoba and two in Alberta.
  • Installed 1,000 new mallard-producing Hen Houses across North Dakota, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta, adding ducks to all four flyways.
  • Continued the Working Wetlands pilot project in North Dakota, which protects more than 9,500 of the state’s best duck-producing wetlands through voluntary, incentive-based payments to farmers.
  • Served as the voice of duck hunters everywhere through Hunter Defense Fund efforts, working on the local, state/provincial and national levels to maintain hunter access, increase hunting opportunities and oppose regulations that threaten waterfowl hunting.
  • Introduced thousands of new waterfowlers to the sport through First Hunt events and Youth Hunting & Conservation Courses.
  • Launched a Mentor Recognition Program to honor and encourage waterfowl hunter recruitment.
  • Strengthened the Great Lakes Initiative to increase Delta’s duck production, hunter recruitment, hunter advocacy and research efforts in the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways.
  • Conducted innovative research on pintail production, factors involved in recruiting and retaining duck hunters, predator-reduction effects on over-water nesting ducks, hunting’s impact on mallard production, tracking ring-necked ducks using GPS transmitters, the use of drones to study waterfowl, and more.

2017 Year End Donation


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