Delta Waterfowl conducts innovative, historically important scientific work on ducks.

Delta Waterfowl programs are rooted in sound science. As the Duck Hunters Organization, we strive to answer the questions that are critically important to ducks and duck hunters throughout North America.

We’re studying and evaluating management techniques that can produce ducks and put more of them into the fall flight. We’re developing policies that work for both ducks and farmers on the prairie breeding grounds. We’re learning more about the needs of hunters, so we can reduce the barriers to hunting, whether it’s access, opportunity or regulations. We’re also researching what it takes to recruit and retain the next generation of waterfowl hunters.

Delta’s innovative research program supports the work we do to produce ducks and ensure the future of duck hunting.

Delta’s 2016 Research

  • Predator Reduction for Over-Water Nesting Ducks
  • Effects of Oil Production Activities on Nesting Ducks
  • Testing Predator Reduction and Hen Houses in Alberta’s Parklands
  • Vetch Cover for Mallards in California
  • Hen Houses for Mottled Ducks in South Carolina
  • Drones and Thermal Imaging as Research Tools
  • Counting Diving Ducks Using Drones
  • Managing Invasive Phragmites
  • Hotspot Trapping in North Dakota
  • Hunter Recruitment and Retention in Prairie Canada
  • Banding Canvasbacks at Delta Marsh
  • Farmer Feedback on Delta’s Working Wetlands Pilot Project
  • Hunting Impacts on Mallard Survival and Reproduction

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