Hunter Advocacy

Delta Waterfowl is The Duck Hunters Organization — We work for duck hunters!

Delta Waterfowl serves as the voice of the North American duck hunter. We defend duck hunters anytime, anywhere! Delta learned long ago that hunters face challenges each and every day across Canada and the United States. Increased urbanization, a reduced acceptance of duck hunting and shrinking access to public hunting has reduced the opportunities to duck hunt.

Delta staff is working daily with our members, volunteers and duck hunters to identify issues that pose a risk to duck hunting in North America. Sometimes those issues occur far away in Washington D.C. or Ottawa, but often, they are made in county offices or municipal buildings or even at agencies that manage habitat, land and our waterfowl resources. Delta works across the continent to ensure the voice of the duck hunter is heard on issues that impact duck hunting.

Examples of issues address by Delta Waterfowl

  • Sunday Hunting in the Atlantic Flyway
  • Increased snow goose hunting opportunities in Canada’s prairies
  • Defending youth hunting in Pennsylvania
  • Regulation reforms in Canada
  • Sandhill crane hunting in Tennessee
  • Dove seasons in Ontario and Quebec
  • Development of Youth Waterfowl Days in the United States
  • Development of Waterfowl Heritage Days in Canada

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