Defend the Hunt

Delta Waterfowl serves as the “voice of the duck hunter” throughout North America. We vigorously defend threats to duck hunting opportunity anytime, anywhere. Our legion of active members and volunteers alert Delta staff to issues that pose a risk to duck hunting, and we take action — whether it’s at a local, state, provincial or national level — to repel these threats. In addition, Delta works proactively with government agencies to promote sensible hunting regulations and seasons, as well as to increase access to public hunting lands.

We have been made aware of coordinated and systematic effort across several states to eliminate hunting opportunities, including in some cases hunt test and field trials for working dogs enjoyed by many of our members.

We are asking you to engage on these issues today and send a message to your legislators that lawmaking efforts that compromise hunting are not acceptable.

Please click on your state links below and write today.
If your state has more than one bill, please click on both links.

New York
Oppose Assembly Bill 722
Oppose Senate Bill 4253

New Jersey
Oppose Assembly Bill 5224
Oppose Senate Bill 3541

Oppose Assembly Bill 29
Oppose Senate Bill 30

New Mexico
Oppose Senate Bill 76

Oppose Senate Bill 723

Oppose Senate Bill 487