The Dave Ankney & Sandi Johnson Waterfowl and Wetlands Graduate Research Scholarship

The Dave Ankney & Sandi Johnson Graduate Research Scholarship was established in 2013. Two scholarships are awarded annually to graduate students working on waterfowl/wetland issues in North America, one to a MSc candidate and one to a PhD candidate.

The Delta Waterfowl Foundation administers the scholarship and an ad hoc committee, comprised of representatives from Canadian and American government and non-government organizations, selects the recipients.

Award Recipients:

2021 – Michael Johnson, PhD Student
2021 – Jordan Thompson, MS Student

2019 – Casey Setash, PhD Student
2019 – Catrina Terry, MSc Student

2018 – Samantha Fino, PhD Student
2018 – Kyla Bas, MSc Student

2017 – Matt Dyson, PhD Student
2017 – Kelsey Navarre, MSc Student

2016 – Ben Sedinger, PhD Student
2016 – Cassandra Skaggs, MSc Student

2015 – Adam Janke, PhD Student
2015 – Megan Ross, MSc Student

2014 – Dave Messmer, PhD Student
2014 – Clark Nissley, MSc Student