Youth Hunting & Conservation Course

YHCCThe Delta Waterfowl Foundation and Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters are pleased to announce the offering of two Youth Hunting & Conservation Courses in summer 2017. The 2017 Youth Hunting & Conservation Course is a 6 day event with fun and action filled learning activities. Certified instructors will teach and coach students by sharing their knowledge and experience so that students can successfully obtain their Firearms Safety and Hunter Education certification and much, much more.

This course is for boys and girls, ages 12-16. $600 will include food, accommodations, Canadian Firearm & Ontario Hunting certification, a number of membership subscriptions from our supporting partners, a variety of hunting clothing & gear.

*Must be an Ontario resident.

Parent Course Registration
Some youth taking the course do not come from a background/family of hunters. Consequently, we offer a limited number of spaces for parents/guardians who would like to take the courses with their child. Cost to parents/guardians is $600. Parents/guardians interested in taking the course, or attending are asked to fill out a their own separate application package. There is no requirement for adults to submit a personal reference. To complete the registration process, input into these fields your own name, phone number and email address.

Click Here to download a draft of the 2017 YHCC Daily Agenda
Click Here to download the 2017 YHCC Program Overview

The course will be taught at:
Delta Waterfowl Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center:
546 Turkey Point Road
Turkey Point, Ontario N0E 1P0

Please fill out the below application and contact Joel Brice at with any questions.

Choice of Course Date
July 10th - 15thAugust 21st - 26th

If your first choice course date fills up, would you like to be signed up for the other?

If both courses are full, would you like to be put on a wait list?

Applicant's Full Name (Must match the exact spelling as found on government identification, such as birth certificate or passport.)


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Date of Birth eg. March 31, 2017 (must be 12 years of age by course date)

Reference must be a teacher or educational assistant.
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How did you find out about the Youth Hunting and Conservation Course?

What conservation associations or organizations do you belong to?

List your hobbies and/or wildlife interests:

Describe any volunteer/community service work that you have been involved with:

Does anyone in your family hunt?
Parent/GuardianGrandparentAunt/UncleFamily friendNone

After successful completion of this course, do you intend to hunt?

Please note, your credit card will not be charged until the applicant is accepted into the course. If the applicant is selected, your credit card will be charged on April 19th.

Where an applicant requires financial assistance, there is help available to offset some of the registration costs. Canadian Tire JumpStart and Norfolk KidSport can help your child take part in the YHCC, for more information call Lisa Girard, Norfolk County Community Services Department at 519-426-8866, X 2227. If you are in need of financial assistance, so as your application can still be processed, in the Full Name field insert "Jumpstart", insert 0000-0000-0000-0000 in the credit card field, your birth date in the expiration field, and 000 in the security code field.

Full Name on Credit/Debit Card

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Expiration Date

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I understand that with this registration submission, it does not guarantee enrollment in the course offered. There is an additional step in securing acceptance to this course – the applicant has been asked to provide a personal reference who can vouch for my child's willingness to learn. Upon a favourable reference check applicants will be accepted into the YHCC.

I understand that as part of these courses, @50% of the scheduled time is in class instruction - 38 of 72 hours.

I have read and understand the refund policy for the Youth Hunting and Conservation Course.
Click Here to review the 2017 YHCC Refund Policy

I have explained to my child that at the YHCC horseplay, ignoring instructions, being unsafe when around firearms, & when handling of firearms – will not be tolerated. I understand that if my child has become disruptive and/or could pose a safety concern, the student will be asked once to change their behaviour, followed up with a call to the parent/guardian on file. If this behaviour continues after this warning they will be asked to leave the camp without refund or certification. The parent/guardian is required to pick up their child within 12 hours of expulsion.

If successful, you will receive a follow up email by April 19th from the YHCC Camp Coordinator. This email will provide all the necessary details and timeframes to secure your placement in the preferred course date.