Delta’s “Voice of the Duck Hunter” Podcast

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Carrying Capacity of Migrating Ducks
In Delta’s inaugural podcast, Dr. Frank Rohwer and host Joel Brice discuss the habitat needs of breeding ducks, as well as the best ways to conserve habitat to maximize duck populations.

Waterfowl Recruitment, Better Known as Duck Production
Episode 2 digs deep into the most important factors in waterfowl recruitment — aka duck production. Delta president Dr. Frank Rohwer joins host Joel Brice, Delta’s vice president of waterfowl and hunter recruitment, to discuss the key influences on whether duck populations rise or fall.

Waterfowl Research and Education
This week, the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast shares a comprehensive look at Delta’s research and education programs — and the folks who manage them. In both aspects — research and education — Delta has a storied and revolutionary history that continues today.

Delta’s “Voice of the Duck Hunter” Podcast – Meet the CEO of Delta Waterfowl
This week, the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast is joined by one of the world’s leading biologists — Dr. Scott Petrie, CEO of Delta Waterfowl. If ducks are your passion, then you won’t want to miss the entertaining stories Petrie shares from a life spent studying, conserving and hunting waterfowl.

Hunter Advocacy with John Devney
This week’s episode of the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast explores Delta’s Defending the Hunt program — a critical initiative that combats threats to duck hunting anytime, anywhere, while also working to increase access to quality waterfowling opportunities.

2020 Fall Flight Forecast
This episode of the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast explores an exciting topic: the 2020 fall flight, including what hunters can expect to see this season across all four flyways.

2020 Goose Fall Flight Forecast
Episode 7 shifts to geese, providing flyway-by-flyway estimates of the fall flights for Canadas, cacklers, snows, Ross’s, specklebellies and even marine geese. Delta’s waterfowl scientist Dr. Chris Nicolai shares insights from a lifetime of studying — and hunting — Arctic-nesting geese.

Delta Waterfowl Q&A 
This episode of the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast follows your lead: Delta staff answer a variety of fascinating, listener-submitted questions regarding ducks, duck hunting, waterfowl conservation.