New Brunswick Greatly Expands Sunday Hunting Opportunities

Starting this fall, New Brunswick waterfowl hunters will enjoy an extra nine Sundays to hunt thanks to the passage of legislation supported by Delta Waterfowl. Introduced by natural resources and energy development minister Mike Holland, the legislation opens all Sundays after Thanksgiving (the second Monday in October) through December 31 to the hunting of all legal game.

“This is a huge step forward for the Maritimes, and The Duck Hunters Organization is proud to have backed Minister Holland in this push,” said Jim Fisher, senior director of Canadian conservation and hunting policy for Delta Waterfowl. “We’re hopeful New Brunswick’s wise decision will lead the way for similar Sunday hunting opportunities in Nova Scotia, which only has two open Sundays, and in Prince Edward Island, which currently has none.”

Sunday hunting is available throughout the rest of Canada with the exception of Ontario, where the opportunities have been expanding over time on a county-by-county basis.

Through the 2019 season, hunting was permitted on only three Sundays during the New Brunswick firearms deer season, from late-October to early-November. The increase to 12 Sundays represents a 300 percent increase in weekend hunting opportunities for the province’s hunters — including waterfowlers.

“Allowing a longer period of seven-day-a-week hunting will increase recreational opportunities for thousands of New Brunswick sportsmen and women who enjoy hunting,” Holland said. “This is a change in response to ongoing requests from hunters. We are listening to what our stakeholders have to say and are proud to be able to work with them to achieve common goals.”

When Holland’s bill was introduced, Delta Waterfowl issued an “Action Alert” to all members within the province urging their support. Their enthusiastic participation greatly enhanced Delta’s advocacy efforts.

“Delta’s voice in Canada is strong and growing,” said John Devney, senior vice president for Delta Waterfowl. “We’ve been working hard to promote Sunday hunting in New Brunswick for working families. Delta members there got behind our Action Alert to push this amendment across the finish line. It’s more proof that we’re making a difference in advancing hunting opportunities for duck hunters in every flyway.”

Delta Waterfowl also congratulates Minister Holland in his successful effort to initiate a New Brunswick spring turkey season in 2020. —Bill Miller