Attention ND Hunters

Delta Waterfowl staff have been tracking the developments of SB2315 and we wanted to provide you with an update. Delta has been engaged both in providing testimony to both the Senate and House Agriculture Committees and by engaging our members at appropriate times.

The Senate passed SB2315 which was a dramatic improvement from the originally introduced legislation. While the central feature of the bill the Senate passed was tied to an opportunity to “electronically post,” the bill passed also ensured that unposted land would still provide for open access at the discretion of the landowner.

While we were hopeful the ongoing deliberation on SB2315 would result in a consensus piece of legislation that was workable for both landowners and hunters, the bill that will be brought to the House floor this week creates a legislative committee for consideration of the trespass law, and should the committee not come to resolution, all land would be considered posted for the fall 2020 hunting season. This means no action by the committee results in a significant change in the trespass law without the legislature taking action or without a public process.

We believe that SB2315 runs the risk of changing the trespass law without legislative and public input and are asking our members to contact their individual Representatives (not Senators) immediately and respectfully request a no vote on SB2315.

It is absolutely critical that you deal with legislators in a respectful manner. In the course of this debate, some individual sportsmen and women have chosen to be disrespectful, coarse and sometimes have even become threatening. This behavior is unacceptable and does a great deal of harm to all of us as sportsmen and weakens our ability to make a convincing case to legislators.

We ask that you contact the representatives in your district exclusively – do not contact representatives outside your home district.

Please click here to locate your voting district as well as representative name and contact information. Simply enter your residential house number (ex. if your address is 222 Duck Lane, you will only enter 222), and zip code of your home address, then click on your full home address.