Delta Waterfowl’s Nashville Chapter Achieves $1 Million Mark in Fundraising

Dedicated, passionate volunteers fuel successful events in Tennessee

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — It could have happened during the grand-prize raffle. It might have been during the silent auction. Or maybe the chapter’s exciting live auction put them over the top.

At some point during their Oct. 4, 2018 banquet, the Nashville Chapter hit a prestigious milestone: $1 million in cumulative funds raised for Delta Waterfowl.

Established in 2002, Nashville is renowned for its big, successful annual banquets and shooting events.  Nashville’s 2018 banquet raised more than $79,500. Significantly, Nashville boasts banquet attendance that annually is among the highest of all Delta Waterfowl chapters.

“The great success of the Nashville Chapter springs from strong committee members with a true passion for the Delta mission,” said Scot Marcin, regional director for Tennessee and Kentucky. “The chapter stays strong by recruiting new members every year who play a big role in the success of the next event.”

The chapter’s banquets are must-attend events for duck hunters.

“The venue is the Nashville Gun Club,” Marcin explained. “They raise a huge tent complete with stage and professional sound and lighting. The gun club sits above the Cumberland River to offer spectacular views and atmosphere to keep the more than 700 guests happy. Both the silent and live auctions are extensive and well-bid. The raffle is large with a lot of guns, and a grand prize of a boat or 4-wheeler for one lucky winner.

“The chapter also holds a very successful annual skeet shoot. It plays a big part in their success each year. They raise about $30,000 annually from the shoot alone. The shoot and low country boil afterwards draw hundreds of participants.”

Nashville’s 2018 chairman was Cochrane Jamison. He is humble about his role in pushing past the million-dollar mark.

“It takes an army,” he said. “I was blessed to work with a heck of a good group who put in an unbelievable amount of time and effort.  We were just carrying a torch that was already burning bright lit by previous committees and especially by Cliff Joyner, who has really been our leader in Nashville for 10-plus years. We never would have gotten here without him.”

Joining Jamison as 2018 event committee officers were John Wagster, Parker Prevost, Ashley Hill, Andrew Cornwell, Tom Sullivan, Jeff Knight, McGuire Perkins, Buck Blair, John Fields, Brad Boston, William Shell and Garner Lee.

Everyone at Delta Waterfowl appreciates and congratulates the Nashville Chapter on its outstanding achievement.

“The overwhelming success of Delta’s Nashville Chapter banquets and shoots is the result of hard work and an obviously sincere commitment to support ducks and duck hunters,” said Dr. Scott Petrie, chief executive officer of Delta Waterfowl. “Recognizing the chapter’s committed volunteers, as well as the members, donors and banquet sponsors is among my greatest privileges on behalf of The Duck Hunters Organization. Thank you, and welcome to the prestigious ranks of Delta’s Million Dollar Club. Well done!”

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