Delta Waterfowl Welcomes Excel Boats/Mud Buddy as a Corporate Sponsor

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — Outdoor industry leaders Excel Boats/Mud Buddy Motors are backing Delta Waterfowl in a big way as a Champions of Delta Waterfowl Corporate Sponsor.

“We consider this a case of the best working with the best,” said Glenn Foreman, founder of Excel Boats and Mud Buddy Motors. “With all that Delta does, we consider them the top conservation group working on behalf of duck hunters — our customers. We are extremely proud to support Delta’s efforts in conservation, scientific research, advocacy and inviting new hunters into the heritage.”

Nearly 10 years ago, Excel Boats introduced the first transom step deck shallow water boat. Today, Excel’s continuing evolution of that design is among the features allowing them to produce what many consider the ultimate duck boat. When combined with a Mud Buddy Motor, the F4 hull creates a duck-hunting machine for any kind of shallow water. Mud Buddy offers the only surface-drive motors with true electronic shift to forward, neutral and reverse.

“The exciting news for Delta members is that a Mud Buddy/Excel Boat combo with trailer is the grand prize in the 2019 Delta Waterfowl Sportsman Fall Raffle,” said Brad Heidel, senior director of corporate partnerships and advertising sales for Delta Waterfowl. “The Duck Hunters Organization offers a huge thanks to Excel and Mud Buddy for their outstanding support.”

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Excel Boats and Mud Buddy Motors are world leaders in designing and producing the world’s best shallow-water systems for duck hunters and anglers alike. An Excel hull rigged with a Mud Buddy motor will get you anywhere you need to go. Visit and

For more information, contact Brad Heidel at (651) 403-1772 or