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Mid-December Migration Report

Snow storms and frigid temperatures have spurred major migration activity across North America! In this video, Delta staff report on conditions and waterfowl movements in all four flyways.

Late-November Conditions Report

Finally! Snow and ice have hit the U.S. and Canadian prairies, which has spurred a push of ducks and geese. Here’s Delta’s late-November migration report. Good luck hunting!

Delta Waterfowl Mid-November Migration Report

Are you seeing ducks and geese where you hunt? We sure hope so, but if not, Delta’s migration report might provide some answers for you. In this video, Delta’s John Devney discusses why so many birds are holding on the prairie.

Aging Mallards

How old is the mallard on your strap? Delta Waterfowl’s Dr. Frank Rohwer explains two techniques to determine a duck’s age.

Duck Steaks 

Delta Waterfowl’s Dr. Frank Rohwer shows you an easy tip to make your ducks on the grill so much better.

Waterfowl Plucking Tip

Has the hunt slowed down a bit? It may be a good time to get a start on plucking your ducks and geese plucked. When they’re warm it’s a much easier task.

Delta Waterfowl: You’re One of Us

Do decoys and retrievers hold special places in your soul? Do you want more ducks and endless opportunities to hunt them? Then you’re one of us! We are Delta Waterfowl — The Duck Hunters Organization™.