Ryan Storm is the development director for Missouri and Iowa.

Ryan grew up on a central Illinois farm near Strasburg. He earned degrees in administration at Southern Illinois University–Carbondale and Ag Economics from Lake Land College. Prior to joining Delta, he worked most recently providing consulting to investors in farming and farm/recreation properties and managed sales efforts for a national ag consulting firm. Before that, he spent 10 years with Pheasants Forever as a regional representative in the Northwest, mostly in Idaho, where he resided on the Snake River. Before that move west, Ryan was in the administration at SIU Carbondale’s Environmental & Outdoor Education Center in Southern Illinois. Today he makes his home with his wife Sonia in Jerseyville, IL.

He considers his greatest professional strengths to be relationship building, collaborative partnerships and project management. He is excited about assisting those intent on securing the future of ducks and duck hunting, and providing opportunities for waterfowl hunters to fuel the effort through their generous donations.

Ryan is a passionate hunter at heart. He said the one thing that would be impossible for him to give up is the 30 minutes before sunrise in any hunting situation. When he’s not at work, from September through March you’ll find him in a boat, stand or blind, somewhere. The rest of the year, he enjoys working on the farm and travelling new places with his wife.

He hunts over a German shorthaired pointer named “Jack.”