Raised on a farm along the Missouri River near Wilton, North Dakota, in 2004 Lori Schacher responded to a job listing in the Bismarck Tribune for a receptionist at Delta Waterfowl. She’s sure glad she did.

“I love working for Delta!” said Schacher, who now serves as donor relations manager. “What excites me most about Delta is what excited me from the beginning: I work with a group of people who work so hard together and care so much about Delta’s mission. It’s been simply incredible to watch how the organization has grown.”

Through working in a variety of capacities, Schacher has proven herself in a variety of roles and demonstrated a firm understanding of Delta’s mission and the values of its membership.

“I’ve been told I have great ‘institutional knowledge’ — I think that means I’ve been at Delta a long time,” she quipped. “I worked with the Board of Directors for several years, and I’ve worked with the development department almost from the start. When I assist the directors of development to achieve a positive outcome, I feel like I too have succeeded. I’m fortunate to work in a place where everyone is so appreciative and supportive of each other. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

On the weekends, Schacher enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, boating, fishing and relaxing at her childhood farm. She enjoys hunting ducks, pheasants and big game.

“Most of all, I like hunting deer and elk in a small town in the Black Hills where I lived for 12 years,” Schacher said. “It’s so beautiful there and rarely very cold.”