Jeremy Adkins was born and raised in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. His family owns marshland there, and it’s where he developed his passion for ducks, hunting them and managing their habitat. He is a fifth generation graduate of Louisiana State University, where he also completed a master’s degree in wildlife management as a student of Delta Waterfowl president, Dr. Frank Rohwer.

Before “coming home” to Delta to take over for longtime Louisiana RD Bryan Leach following his promotion to regional manager for event fundraising, Adkins work in New Orleans for oilfield service provider, Danos. He began there as a senior project manager and was promoted to general manager of land operations in just nine years. In 2018, he relocated with his family to Midland, Texas to become the vice president of Grand Isle Shipyards.

Adkins is part of a duck hunting family in which the roots run very deep. Everyone in his family duck hunts. These days, he says, his favorite hunting partner is his 6-year-old daughter, Lyle – and, of course his yellow Lab, C.J.

His favorite place to hunt is on the family property, especially a place called “Pete’s Pond” named after his uncle who passed away in early 2021. He says, “We have a few blinds set up in different locations to be able to hunt the wind conditions of the day. We put out and pick up decoys each hunt. It’s an impounded marsh, and we are blessed with a variety of puddle and diving ducks. I will never pass up teal. They are my favorite table fare.”

Adkins believes both his personal and professional background combine to make him uniquely skilled for the Delta RD role. He says, “I’m a landowner and avid duck hunter. I was fortunate enough to be a trained wildlife biologist who spent a good bit of time working in traditional businesses. I have significant experience with growth initiatives and look forward to playing a part in Delta’s planned growth.”

As much as he enjoys teal on the table, he says one thing he’ll never be able to give up is “boiled crawfish!”