Born in the United States and raised in Canada, Cher Gottfredsen began at Delta as a part-time office assistant, but her strong work ethic, willingness to learn and witty disposition earned a promotion to her current role.

“I am proud to contribute my talent and flair to help the Event, Development and Membership departments perform in unison to provide the funding that makes it all happen,” Gottfredsen said.

She cherishes being involved with an organization that truly values it mission. Though Gottfredsen does not hunt on a regular basis, “unless you count shoes,” she says, she’s hunted with Delta employees and had an especially enjoyable duck hunt in Tennessee on property owned by William Yandell, Chairman of the Delta Waterfowl Board of Directors. She has yet to shoot her first duck, but hopes to bag her favorite bird, the wood duck.

When not at work, she enjoys watching and playing sports, reading, fashion and spending time with her family.