Aaron Everingham is the operations and facilities manager at the DWC in Turkey Point, Ontario.

A Brantford, Ontario native, Everingham studied forestry at Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie. He has worked as a conservation officer, forestry consultant, and most recently, as a conservation programs specialist for Ducks Unlimited Canada for nearly 20 years. He joined the Delta team in mid-2020.

Everingham’s primary role for Delta is to oversee the use of the HHCC property, with a goal to coordinate and deliver Delta’s HunteR3 programming in Ontario.

“I’m very excited to be part of the Delta Waterfowl team, and for the opportunities ahead to promote conservation and ensure the future of waterfowl hunting,” he said. His big picture goal is to help Delta in its HunteR3 initiatives to increase the number of active waterfowl hunters in Canada.

In his professional life, Everingham says he’s known for, “ … bringing a common sense, no non-sense approach … always voicing his opinion … staying true to mission … getting things done.”

A lifelong waterfowl hunter, Everingham grew up hunting diving ducks on Long Point Bay. He enjoys all types of waterfowl hunting — particularly with his Lab, Angus – as well as hunting upland and big game, too. His favorite place to hunt waterfowl is Mazatlan, Mexico as well as divers on big water anywhere and mallards and pintails, cranes and specklebellies in Saskatchewan stubble.

He’s married to wife Michelle, with two grown daughters. When asked what kind of dog he owns, Everingham replies, “The only kind of dog anyone should have … a black Lab!”

He can be reached at aeveringham@deltawaterfowl.org.