2020 First Hunt
Mentor of the Year

Delta Waterfowl First Hunt events have introduced more than 72,000 people to the joys of waterfowling — a massive effort made possible by hundreds of passionate volunteer mentors.

To honor and celebrate these dedicated individuals, The Duck Hunters Organization and presenting sponsor Polaris have launched a First Hunt Mentor of the Year Award. Is there a deserving mentor within your chapter or local community that exemplifies the spirit of the First Hunt Program? Please nominate him or her by contacting the Regional Director for your area. Further rules, instructions and details of the award may be found below.

Thank you for your continued participation in First Hunt and support of Delta Waterfowl. By applauding a 2020 First Hunt Mentor of the Year, Delta is hopeful more chapters will join in your efforts to reverse declining duck hunter numbers and secure the future of waterfowl hunting.

Qualifying First Hunt Events

  • Mentored waterfowl hunts
  • Waterfowl hunting education events
  • Chapter must be actively involved in delivery of First Hunt event. (Direct participation in another chapter or organization’s event qualifies, but simply assisting financially does not.)
  • Event must be conducted by end of day February 28, 2020.

How to Enter:

  1. Chapter submits WHF request for First Hunt event (even if not requesting money).
  2. Delta Waterfowl approves event and sends request to regional director.
  3. Qualifying event is held.
  4. Regional director meets with chapter; chapter nominates mentor, providing nominee’s name, contact info and brief summary of achievements.
  5. Please contact your Regional director for the application form that they will send to Delta Waterfowl.
  6. Mentor of the Year chosen March 2020.
  7. Polaris Sportsman 570 awarded to Mentor of the Year and, for fundraising purposes, to his or her chapter.