2016 Fall Sportsman’s Raffle

Congratulations to our grand prize winner! Richard N. of Vacaville, CA, won the ARGO Avenger 8×8 Hunt Master.

More than 30 others won some of the markets best shotguns, decoys and waterfowling gear. View the complete list of winners below.

John H. – Rochester, NY
Benelli SBE-II Optifade-5 12 Ga. Shotgun

Peter H. – Mequon, WI
Winchester SX3 12 Ga. Shotgun

Kevin S. – Clarksville, TN
SITKA Layout Jacket & Pants

Wildfowlers Association of CNY Inc.
Franchi Affinity Catalyst Shotgun

Peter H. – Mequon, WI
Final Approach Prize Package

Robert H. – Hartford, CT
HOWA Ranchland Compact Rifle Package in 6.5 Creedmoor

Roy L. – Houma, LA
Rig ‘Em Right Gear Package

Sal M. – Santa Cruz, CA
Dakota Decoy Goose Field Decoy Package

John P. – South Vienna, OH
Stoeger M3500 Black Synthetic 12 ga. Shotgun

Barett B. – Alexandria, LA
Delta Waterfowl Gear package by ALPS OutdoorZ

Jeffrey L. – Houston, TX
Tanglefree Diver Decoy Package

John H. – Shreveport, LA
Gunner Kennels Intermediate Kennel

Bruce L. – Chesapeake, VA
Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch

Charles R. – St. Amont, LA
Heavy Hauler Gear Package

Richard C. – Eagle River, AK
Dakota Decoy Floating Decoy Package

Mark R. – Placerville, CA
Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler

Terry F. – Flushing, MI
SportDOG Training Package

David L. – White Stone, VA
Lucky Duck Motion Decoy Package

Mark T. – Eau Claire, WI
Buck Knives Package

John T. – Ivanhoe, NC
LaCrosse Footwear Insulated Alpha Swampfox Waders

Thomas C. – Moreland Hills, OH
Camp Chef Cooking Package

Mark S. – Malakoff, TX
Yeti Hopper 20 Cooler

Wayne A. – Carrollton, TX
Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler

Robert K. – Stillwater, MN
1 Case of Black Cloud FS Steel

Mark A. – Shreveport, LA
1 Case of Black Cloud FS Steel

Christopher T. – Bishop, CA
Sportsman’s Box, 6 Month Subscription

Robert B. – Hydes, MD
LaCrosse Footwear Aerohead Sport Brown Boots

Bill N. – Marydel, DE
Tanglefree Optifade Gear

Joseph C. – Mosinee, WI
Streamlight Super Siege Lantern

Ronald V. – Clam Lake, WI
CanCooker Original with Rack

John H. – Shreveport, LA
DeadRinger Hunting Duck Buster Sights

6TH PRIZE – HOWA Ranchland Compact Rifle Package in 6.5 Creedmoor

Still one of our most popular lightweight rifles. Short, lightweight barrel married to a shaved receiver and a hollowed bolt handle for even more weight reduction, the Ranchland series is the ultimate gun for tucking away in your truck or farm equipment.

7TH PRIZE – RIG ‘EM RIGHT Gear Package

Includes: Low Rider Layout Blind, Full Choke Gun Case, Shell Shocker XL Blind Bag, Long Haul Decoy Bag, 12 Slot Decoy Bag, Neoprene Hand Warmer Gear Belt, Big Limit Game Strap, Jerk Rig, and 12 – 36″ Texas Rig Decoy Anchors Rig’Em Right is the hottest brand with the hottest products in the waterfowl industry today. Producers of the most well-designed and well-built products, tried and tested by the most heavily seasoned waterfowlers on the planet. Everything they produce is designed by a waterfowler and built for the worst conditions.

8th PRIZE – DAKOTA DECOY Goose Field Decoy Package, 15th Prize – DAKOTA DECOY Floater Package

8th PRIZE Includes: 12 Canada Goose Shells and 12 Signature Series Full Body Honkers

15th PRIZE Includes: 6 Signature Series Goose Floaters, 12 Floating Mallard Decoys, and 1 -12 Slot Floating Mallard Bag. You spend a lot of money on your hunting equipment, and deserve years of trouble free service, and that’s what you’ll get with all of the Dakota Decoy products. Dakota Decoys offer a full line up of top quality decoys that you, the demanding hunter, not only expect… but deserve!

9TH PRIZE – STOEGER M3500 Black Synthetic 12 ga. Shotgun

You spend a lot of money on your hunting equipment, and deserve years of trouble free service, and that’s what you’ll get with all of the Dakota Decoy products. Dakota Decoys offer a full line up of top quality decoys that you, the demanding hunter, not only expect… but deserve!

10TH PRIZE – Delta Waterfowl Gear Package by ALPS OutdoorZ


Includes: Zero Gravity Blind, Deluxe Blind Bag, Floating Deluxe Gun Case, Dog Stand, Wetland Seat, and Deluxe Hand Warmer. Since 2007, ALPS OutdoorZ has been designing and manufacturing high quality hunting packs and gear for today’s modern hunter. Brought together by a shared passion for conservation and a love of waterfowl hunting, ALPS OutdoorZ partnered with Delta Waterfowl in 2016 to bring to market a brand new line of high quality gear for waterfowl hunters. Using the same first-rate fabrics, components, and design elements found in all of their products, ALPS OutdoorZ is proud to present Delta Waterfowl Gear; waterfowl gear for duck hunters, by duck hunters.

11th PRIZE – TANGLEFREE Diver Decoy Package, 28th PRIZE – TANGLEFREE Flight Series Package

11th PRIZE Includes: 2 Flight Series 12 Slot Decoy Bags, 6 – Migration Edition Bluebills, 6 – Migration Edition Canvasbacks, 6 – Migration Edition Buffleheads, and 6 – Migration Edition Golden Eyes.

28th PRIZE Includes: Flight Series Floating Gun Case, Flight Series Duck Strap, Flight Series Gun Sling, and Tanglefree Optifade Hat. Tanglefree is much more than a decoy company, it embodies our family creed of how things should be in this world. This is why our constant innovation to improve products and tradition to offer quality goods and services will earn us the loyalty from the most critical of waterfowl hunters.

12TH PRIZE – GUNNER KENNEL – Intermediate Kennel


When Gunner Kennels set out to build this incredible product, their goal was to craft it with the best parts money can buy. That allowed them to push the limits of what a dog kennel should be. The sleek design and ease of use makes you proud to own this kennel. Gunner Kennels are for hunters, competitive trainers, and for everyone else that just loves dogs. A camping trip or a weekend at the lake just wouldn’t be the same without your whole family. So they made it easy to load up the truck with your gear AND your kennel and not worry about a thing.

13th PRIZE – GARMIN fenix 3 GPS Watch

Fēnix 3 is the rugged, capable and smart multisport training GPS watch. With feature sets for fitness training plus feature sets for outdoor navigation, fēnix 3 is ready for any training activity and competition. Access to the Connect IQ platform allows customization of watch faces, data fields, widgets and activities. And, fēnix 3 is a thin, light multisport training GPS that won’t slow you down whether for training or every day use.

14th PRIZE -HEAVY HAULER Gear Package

Includes: F3 Full Frame Fowler Layout Blind, Blind Bag Supreme, Floating Gun Case, Limit Supreme Lanyard w/Black Beanie, Strandle Duck Strap, Braided Adjustable Gun Sling, and Big Top Decoy Bag The mission statement of Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear is to make something that not only would last but would also outlast and outperform anything like it you’ve ever owned. That holds true today, only the best materials available go into their products, resulting in “Outdoor Gear to Last a Lifetime“.

17th Prize – SportDOG Prize Package

In an industry seemingly overcrowded with electronic dog training products, Radio Systems Corporation’s renewed venture into the sporting dog market with the creation of SportDOG Brand® in 2003 might have appeared to be driven only by misguided ambition. However, that was far from the case. Our broad line of superior products is the result of focusing on a promise we made to our customers on day one: Gear The Way You’d Design It®.

18th Prize – Lucky Duck Motion Package – Lucky Flapper Canada Goose

Flapping Wing Goose Decoy with Remote. This Life size Canada Goose Decoy has a Flocked Head, Durable flapping magnetic EVA wings for easy setup. Lucky HD – The next generation of spinners is here! Introducing the Lucky HD – highly defined, highly digital, and highly durable. Lucky Dabbler HD – Movement is the key to shooting ducks on calm days. The Lucky Dabbler resembles a feeding drake mallard with its feet kicking throwing water and creating surface disturbance.

19th PRIZE – BUCK KNIVES Knife Package

Includes: Open Season Caper, Open Season Skinner w/Guthook, Clearwater 6″ Fillet Knife, Camp Axe, Men’s Zip Up Vest, and Buck Logo Hat. Buck Knives is a family-owned business passed on generation after generation (4 to be exact). As a leader in the knife industry, we understand the importance of quality and durability. Built on old-fashioned values, we understand the importance of passing on traditions and that is why our hand-crafted, quality knives are built to withstand the test of time.

20th PRIZE – LaCROSSE Insulated Alpha Swampfox Waders, 27th PRIZE – LaCROSSE Aerohead Sport Boots

Do one thing and do it right. For over a century, that’s what we’ve been doing — making the best rubber boots. Period. Boots that won’t let you down. Boots that know a thing or two about toughness, durability, and comfort. Whether for hunting, working, or tending the land upon which they tread, our boots give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you. Because that’s what matters most to us.

21st PRIZE – CAMP CHEF Cooking Package

Includes: Two Burner Explorer Stove, Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, Deluxe 12″ Dutch Oven, and a 2 Burner Stove Carry Bag. Camp Chef offers a wide array of products to choose from, everything for backyard grills and pellet smokers to lightweight portable stoves and cooking systems designed for the avid outdoor cooking enthusiast. No matter what your cooking needs are Camp Chef has you covered.

26th Prize – Sportsman’s Box 6 Month Subscription

Every month that you are a member with the Sportsman’s Box, you will receive a box full of items that have been field tested and approved by our team of experienced Sportsmen that are scattered throughout the US and Canada. Whether you have been an avid Sportsman for years or are just getting started, the Sportsman’s Box is a necessity and a time saver when it comes to keeping the mud room stocked while discovering new products for your next pursuit.

29th Prize – Streamlight Super Siege Lantern

This rechargeable, 1,100 lumen scene lantern also provides an auxiliary USB power source to charge mobile devices or other Streamlight products. The 8800mAH lithium ion battery capacity gives up to 4 full charges for most smartphones.

30th Prize – CanCooker Original w/Rack

The CanCooker takes the cattle drive tradition of cooking in a cream can and revolutionizes it with the power of steam to cook a healthy meal on any heat source. Built out of food grade anodized aluminum, the CanCooker can be heated on a number of heat sources, from stovertops to campfires to bbq grills. The CanCooker has a capacity of 4 gallons and can feed up to 20.

31st Prize – DeadRinger Hunting Duck Buster Sights

They ain’t ducking this. The rear oval sight has been designed with the perfect built in lead; if the bird’s wings are horizontally touching the right and left compass points, you can rest assured that it is approximately 30-35 yards away, which is inside the kill zone range of most shotguns. This sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Dead Ringer sight also included with each of the shotguns in the raffle.