Careers & Student Opportunities

Canada Regional Director: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Delta Waterfowl is looking for an individual to join our event fundraising team. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to be surrounded by a dynamic relationship-based environment while interacting with passionate chapter volunteers. While culturing the positive relationships that are in place, our team members will seek out other individuals who want to make a difference in waterfowl conservation by starting a Delta Waterfowl chapter in their area. The closing date for resumes is January 20, 2017. Click Here to learn more about this position.

Waterfowl Research Technician: Manitoba

Technicians are needed to assist in a project investigating the influence of predator reduction on nest success of Canvasbacks and other species of over water-nesting ducks in Southwestern Manitoba. Field work is made up of three parts: conducting pair counts to determine breeding pair densities, nest searching/nest monitoring to estimate survival, and conducting brood surveys to estimate productivity. Click Here to learn more. 

The Dave Ankney & Sandi Johnson Waterfowl and Wetlands Graduate Research Scholarship

The Dave Ankney & Sandi Johnson Graduate Research Scholarship was established in 2013. Two scholarships are awarded annually to graduate students working on waterfowl/wetland issues in North America, one to a MSc candidate and one to a PhD candidate. Click Here to learn more.